Advisor technology and operations consultant experiences rapid growth

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — LibertyFi, a technology and operations consultant committed to providing the financial services industry with customized solutions, today announced that the company is now administering more than $3 billion in assets on their enterprise platform. This indicator of company growth comes within its first year of business and highlights the demand for break-away advisors and established independent firms to have attainable solutions and dedicated expertise to streamline their technology and operations.

As a middle-office resource, LibertyFi uses its proprietary process to provide tailored technological and administrative systems for advisors, which create long-term efficiencies to empower firms’ growth. LibertyFi puts time back into their advisors’ hands by collaborating with advisors’ existing legal, compliance, accounting, financial planning, and investment partners – allowing each advisor to focus more on fostering relationships with clients and prospects rather than the systems needed to run their practices. 

With decades of experience, LibertyFi’s team utilizes Envestnet’s suite of innovative tools, encompassing access to a full menu of managers and strategists, trading and reporting, advanced client access, account aggregation, turnkey billing, and account aggregation tools, to provide advisors with the resources they need to scale their businesses fearlessly. LibertyFi works with each client to configure the platform around its operating priorities and provides efficient transition management, hands-on training, and ongoing operations support. LibertyFi’s partner firms can confidently and cost-effectively operate their own fully supported technology requirements without giving up any ownership or control. 

“When deployed and used properly, innovative solutions can be a huge asset for advisors to enhance their efficiencies. We see technology as the key driver of consistency, accountability and client focus,” said LibertyFi CEO Trey Ruch. “Selecting the right partner is a critical part of the process to ensure you have a provider that can act as a coach for your team and a resource for your firm. Ultimately, LibertyFi is committed to being there every step of the way for our advisors as they work through this most exciting and disruptive epoch of the independence movement.

One of LibertyFi’s newest clients is independent advisory and investment manager Meg Green & Associates led by CEO Todd Battaglia. The firm, which was named by Forbes as one of the Top 250 Wealth Advisors in 2018, manages more than $800 million in client assets and harbors more than two decades of industry experience specializing in U.S and offshore portfolio management. 

“We knew the LibertyFi team from working with them previously, and as we searched for a partner to help complement our business aspirations, we immediately thought of our success with them,” said Battaglia. “We knew we wanted a technology and operations consultant who had the expertise to help us achieve efficiency through ongoing support. We are thrilled to call LibertyFi our partner (again) and are already impressed with the team and their thoughtful conversion process.”

The post-implementation phase of technology adoption continues to be a significant hurdle for advisory practices as they strive to better allocate resources. LibertyFi is helping to bridge the gap between technology and advisors by providing an experienced team of hands-on consultants and coaches. Through these interactive and sustained partnerships, the company is committed to helping each firm manage their strategic vision.

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About LibertyFi

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, LibertyFi is a financial technology and operations consultant for advisory firms, banks and trust companies. By utilizing Envestnet’s suite of innovative technology solutions, LibertyFi enables advisory firms to implement accessible, functional and cost-effective solutions utilizing its proprietary process. As a middle-office resource, LibertyFi stands beside advisors to execute efficient technology solutions strategically to reach their business goals and streamline their operations. To learn more about LibertyFi, please visit:

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