Strategies that Help Breakaway Advisors Succeed

Many advisors are attracted to the idea of breaking away from their firms so they can serve clients in ways they think best. Fueling this interest is wealth management technology that is making it possible for advisors to strike out on their own. 

Yet few breakaway advisors have run a business or managed the software needed to create the experiences that clients expect. Even if you’ve never run a practice with software, consultants are available to streamline your break away by helping you:

  • Build a business plan
  • Start your firm
  • Run your business through the software
  • Set up compliance
  • Manage investments
  • Configure the related technologies to support your vision

By working with an extended team of strategic partners, you can create a practice that delivers the experiences that satisfy clients.

Building Your Firm with Expertise from Strategic Partners

While there are lots of things to consider when breaking away, consultants with experience and expertise are available to smooth the path and maximize your chances of breaking away successfully. 

We work with advisors to configure the platform to create automated workflows that promote consistent and repeatable experiences for advisors and their clients. Our process for helping you break away includes:

  • Custodian integration
  • Investment mapping
  • Transition of client accounts
  • Envestnet platform training in the Client Portal, model management, reports, and more
  • Platform configuration to meet your firm’s specific needs
  • Ongoing support to build advisor familiarity and confidence in use of the platform

Before You Break Away

To set the groundwork for your breakaway, we host a kick-off call to discuss roles and responsibilities and to review key features of the platform. Next, we host a kick-off call with your custodian. Thirty days before the transition, we share a spreadsheet with detailed next steps. Our last step in this phase is to work with our OCIO partner to design an investment mapping plan and to create the models. 

After You Break Away

In the first six weeks following your breakaway, we’ll set up the client accounts within the Envestnet platform and start executing the investment mapping plan. During the first six months, our goal is for you to focus on transitioning your clients to the new firm. We handle all the heavy lifting of the platform until your book of business has transitioned.  We then take you through an in-depth training program of the different components of the platform, Client Portal, Account Onboarding, Reporting, Model Management, Research, and more. 

As we learn more about your business, we’re available to tweak the platform configuration to better serve the needs of your firm. Because we’re committed to your success, we’ll continue our partnership by acting as your outsourced middle office and continue to train and support you on the platform.

Our Network of Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners focus on the non-differentiating areas of the breakaway so you can concentrate on meeting with clients and getting signatures. These partners include:

  • Custodian – Consultants from The RIA Works who generate the custodial paperwork you need establish accounts and transition clients. RIA Works send you packages that you can forward to clients or review with them in person.
  • Investment management – OCIO experts from WealthShield who can provide investors with personalized investment strategies at scale.
  • Compliance experts from AdvisorAssist who can review business processes to ensure they promote regulatory compliance. These partners can also help with an SEC audit.
  • Business experts from Wealth Advisor Growth Network who have over 45 years combined experience building and running RIAs.
  • Advisor services including tools, operational solutions, and investment support services from ORG Partners.
  • Insurance services from AIK2 to cost effectively insure and protect your most valuable asset, your firm.


If you’re considering breaking away, it’s important to consider your core capabilities: Few breakaway advisors have the experience or expertise needed to run an RIA using integrated financial services software. By partnering with an experienced team of consultants, your advisors can keep their clients happy while getting the most from your investment in financial technology.

Next Steps

For help breaking away, contact Alli Jordan.


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