Secrets to Scale With Jessie Lewis

Advisors may be missing opportunities to grow their businesses. Eighty-three percent of clients want their advisors to help with lending and credit management yet only 3 percent of clients actually receive that type of advice.1

In this episode of our Secrets to Scale podcast, Alli Jordan sat down with Jesse Lewis, Head of Advisor and Enterprise Sales at the Advisor Credit Exchange (ACE), the company that powers the Envestnet Credit Exchange. They talked about how the Credit Exchange can make it easy for advisors to scale their service offering by helping to identify pre-qualified lending opportunities within their book of business.


Some advisors have been unsure of how to build lending into their practices. During the podcast, Jesse explained how the Credit Exchange may address challenges that concern advisors. Advisors can access a:

  • Wide range of pre-qualified lending opportunities.
  • Well-defined lending process and workflow.
  • Dedicated network of lenders who are selected for excellence and experience.


During the podcast, Jesse said that the Credit Exchange is a unified, data-driven lending platform that can enable advisors to identify clients’ pre-qualified lending opportunities across their book of business, not just client by client.

The platform takes lending opportunities and creates a workflow and a financing proposal that advisors can share with clients that is specific to their situation. The Credit Exchange includes tools like a credit profiling sheet to help advisors really understand the client’s perspective on the use of credit and debt. Once the client is ready to move forward with the loan, the platform links the loan opportunity to the lender selected from the platform.


By using data, the Credit Exchange simplifies the lending process. Jesse relates that lending opportunities could become one of the easiest things advisors and their staff do for their clients. Advisors only need to:

  • Identify an opportunity.
  • Create a personalized loan opportunity sheet.
  • Present it to the client.
  • Push it through the platform.


How can advisors find lending opportunities for their clients? Jesse shares that one of the best places for an advisor to start is by taking an inventory of some of the goals that clients have established in their financial plans. By digging into the plans, advisors can uncover goals like:

  • Buying a second home.
  • Starting a business.
  • Installing a new pool.

While many of these objectives may appear in the plans as savings goals, with financing, clients can realize their dreams now.


The Credit Exchange recently launched a MoneyGuide Block, Lend Versus Spend. This block allows a client and an advisor to look at existing portfolios, market conditions, and a number of other factors to assess whether credit is the best way to finance a goal as opposed to drawing down out of an investment portfolio.


A great way to scale an RIA is to create personalized, repeatable processes using tools like the Credit Exchange. The platform is designed to consume data, present information back to an advisor, and create a repeatable, easy-to-follow workflow. It’s the data that creates the personalized experience for each client, whether it’s an emerging investor or a high-net-worth client.

The other important consideration is to look for platforms that allow advisors to meet clients where they are, both digitally and in-person. The Credit Exchange provides a consistent approach to both of these types of engagement, whether it’s over a video conference, in the office, or in a coffee shop. Advisors need technologies that allow them to work with clients in the ways that clients prefer.


Watch the Secrets to Scale podcast to learn more.


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