Reporting on Private Investments

To help clients fund their retirement savings and offer investment options that are less correlated – or in some cases uncorrelated – to public markets, many advisors offer private investments to their clients. Yet, advisors may be challenged to have holistic conversations with clients because they often can’t include private investments in their client reports due to the differences in reporting, resource constraints, or lack of technical know-how. The result? Clients lack a clear picture of their portfolio performance, and advisors must overcome an additional hurdle as they work to create comprehensive financial plans.

Our team has helped dozens of advisors integrate private investments into their client reporting. The example report below includes the asset allocation for public and private investments (Low-liquidity Alternatives), as well as the internal rate of return (IRR) for the private assets.

How Does It Work?

To ensure that advisors can hold holistic conversations with their clients, our team:

  • Works with private equity fund administrators to access the data
  • Creates custom asset classes and manual accounts
  • Updates the values monthly or quarterly as needed. 

No work is needed from the advisor. The experience for the client and advisor is seamless and transparent.

Helping Advisors Demonstrate Their Value

With our deep middle office experience, LibertyFi can help growth-oriented RIAs improve the client experience to drive revenue and scale their businesses.

Our personalized consulting services include evaluating clients’ business processes and their supporting technologies, streamlining operations, providing middle-office support and training, and implementing the Envestnet platform. We can help you strengthen your client experience by defining and automating your workflows. RIAs that work with LibertyFi and outsource their middle office have more time to devote to clients and drive growth.

To learn how we can help you focus on serving clients by handling your middle office, contact Alli Jordan, President and COO of LibertyFi.


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