Meet the Team: Caroline and Davis

In the final installment of LibertyFi’s Meet the Team series, we talk to Senior Consultant Davis Priester and Consultant Caroline Corso. Q&A style is designed for you to get to know us better so you can understand our background, experiences, and why we love being a part of the LibertyFi family. 

Each person at LibertyFi has spent their careers building and managing their own client relationships. We are an experienced, hands-on group committed to helping RIAs scale and build their businesses by leveraging technology, program administration, and middle-office consulting. 

Tell us about your role at LibertyFi and your areas of responsibility.

Davis Priester: We wear a lot of different hats, but platform training is one of my main roles. My focus is teaching advisors how to leverage the technology — portal, performance report, trading — to best fit their everyday needs. 

Tell us about your teamwork and/or leadership style.

Caroline Corso: I love to be the “planner” or the “organizer” of a team or group situation both at work and in my personal life. It’s hard for me to sit back and wait to see if things will come together.   I absolutely love the teamwork aspect of LibertyFi – it truly helps everything run so smoothly and succinctly. It gives our clients confidence that no matter who they get on the phone or via email will make sure the job gets done.

What’s the most important risk you took and why?

Caroline: After college, I moved to the Northeast – first to Washington, DC, then eventually to New York City. I didn’t grow up going to these places very much, and both my parents had lived in Alabama their entire lives. I wanted the challenge and the experience of living on my own in different areas than I was used to. I am so happy to be back in the South with my family and friends now, but the experiences I had are truly priceless. I stumbled on a job in finance and have never looked back. I met so many people and learned so much.

Where do you look for advice, inspiration, and insight?

Davis: The best part of LibertyFi is that we are team-oriented. Alli does a great job being transparent and making sure that everyone on the team is involved with all of the details that are happening within the company – sales to new business, etc. We look at our forward momentum as a team goal, not individual. In addition to Alli, John Phoenix and Jay Hummel from WAGN are two other industry leaders I look up to and reach out to for advice. I also make the time to listen to several industry podcasts. I count Jay’s Deep Dive and Phil Buchanan’s The Cannon Curve and Monday Morning Mojo as some of my favorites.

Caroline: I worked for someone when I lived in New York City who I consider both a mentor and a father figure. I always call him to ask about both career and life advice. He always has the best insight and has been known to catch a trend much sooner than most. We haven’t worked together in years, yet we have business and personal catch-up calls weekly! He was so excited when I told him about the opportunity with LibertyFi. He took a few days, researched the website, LinkedIn, and the Envestnet platform, and told me to run, not walk, and take the job! 

What do you feel is the most important thing for advisors to know about LibertyFi as they work with you? 

Davis: Focus on client relationships. Let us be the experts on the technology and operations so that you can have the space to focus solely on client relationships – setting meetings, attracting new clients, and growing your RIA. 

Caroline: I will always do my best to understand the problem or issue from their point of view. I worked on their side of the business for many years, which I believe is a huge asset when talking to their teams. I may be the new girl, but I’m learning every day and will do my best to get the job done!

To learn more about the LibertyFi team or for help growing your RIA, contact Alli Jordan.


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