Expanding the Service Offering by Providing Lines of Credit

Elk River Wealth Management is an independent investment management and financial planning firm with headquarters in Denver and offices in Phoenix and Omaha. To meet the goal of providing complete wealth management services, the firm’s principals decided to offer clients financing options in addition to investment management and financial planning.

The leaders turned to LibertyFi, who referred Elk River to the Advisor Credit Exchange (ACE), a technology-empowered network that matches borrowers with lenders based on borrower profiles and lender requirements.

By integrating liability management with asset management, ACE is helping advisors create new opportunities for clients to achieve their financial goals by: 

  • Providing more holistic financial insights
  • Anticipating future credit needs
  • Simplifying access to credit from reputable lenders
  • Maintaining client portfolios by offering all three major loan types
  • Managing credit proactively
  • Serving multi-custodial practices

“With different financing options and a variety of lenders, the Advisor Credit Exchange helps us differentiate our firm and better serve our clients. Even if clients haven’t thought about their future cash needs, our advisors can help them quickly and easily access a line of credit for anything from a bridging loan to a tax bill.”

 – Chris Freimuth, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Elk River Wealth Management

Using the Advisor Credit Exchange, advisors at Elk River have:

  • Strengthened client relationships
  • Improved their understanding of clients’ finances
  • Helped clients build and maintain their net worth and meet their financial goals 

To learn more about how ACE can help advisors offer loans from reputable lenders quickly and easily, read the full case study. For a look at all of our case studies, click here. 

Reach out to our team anytime—we’re happy to connect you with our partners at Advisor Credit Exchange!


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