Envestnet has had a tactical and strategic acquisition strategy over the lifespan of the company, and we see this again with the announcement of the PIEtech acquisition.  We are excited about Envestnet’s vision to continue putting the end client’s financial wellness first by giving the advisor the appropriate set of tools.  As more details come about we will make sure to keep you all in the loop.  We know there will be a lot of excitement surrounding this acquisition at the Summit in May, and we hope to see you there!

Please see below for the press release and some of the key benefits mentioned.  

Key Benefits

The acquisition of PIEtech is expected to provide a number of benefits to financial advisors, end clients and Envestnet, including:

  • Establishes Envestnet as a leader in financial planning solutions – a key component of the Company’s vision for enabling Financial Wellness, to a large customer base consisting of banks, RIAs and broker-dealers
  • Complements and extends Envestnet’s existing capabilities with Logix and Apprise, providing advisors and their clients with access to a full spectrum of financial planning capabilities;
  • Allows for deeper integration of MoneyGuide software with Envestnet’s integrated technology platform, reducing friction and enhancing productivity for advisors;
  • Expands the opportunity to offer a broad range of data-driven, financial plan-informed Financial Wellness solutions, both domestically and internationally over time;
  • Delivers compelling financial benefits – growing and profitable subscription-based recurring revenue business model, and accretive to top-line growth, margins and adjusted earnings per share.


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