Service Requests


Password for voice recordings is: Libertyfi1

Pro Tips

Withdrawal Method

  • Distribution Instructions will be provided later – choose this if ACH & tax instructions are on file at the custodian

  • FA/Client will distribute – choose this to distribute manually at the custodian once the funds have settled

Terminate Account

  • Completing this request ensures the account will not be billed on, reported on, or traded

  • This request only closes the account on the Envestnet platform. You must also close at the custodian

  • For APM accounts you MUST go and liquidate the positions before the SR is submitted

Protect Cash

  • You can protect cash before an account is set up. Include the details in the body of the email when sending an SIS for processing to

  • Use this if the client is taking out a withdrawal soon – you must rebalance after protecting the cash

Systematic Withdrawals

  • If the account already has enough cash to cover the distribution, the system will not place the trades.

  • For annual distributions, go ahead and set up the SW, then do a Modify Systematic Withdrawal once you know the upcoming years RMD amount.

  • First Distribution Date – Choose the exact same date that is set up at the custodian level.

Modify Goal Program Selection

  • Unified Managed Account – if you are choosing an existing UMA Model

  • Build Unified Managed Account – if you are building a Custom UMA

  • Advisor as Portfolio Manager – if you are choosing an existing APM Model

  • Build Advisor as Portfolio Manager – if you are building a Custom APM

  • Separate Accounts – choose if you are just using SMA’s

  • FSP Programs – if you are choosing an FSP

  • LibertyFi PMC Foundation – PMC’s Foundation Portfolios