Secrets to Scale with Shannon Granahan

On a recent episode of Secrets to Scale, Alli Jordan spoke with Shannon Granahan, Senior Director of Partners at Healthpilot, the company that powers the Envestnet Healthcare Exchange. Healthpilot was created to offer an all-digital solution that simplifies the Medicare enrollment process by saving time and money while helping enhance the client experience. 

Click here to view Shannon’s podcast episode or read some highlights from Alli and Shannon’s conversation below.

“Medicare shopping is not a pleasant situation. It can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. The founders at Healthpilot identified this as a problem, put their heads together, and built the technology that’s transforming how people shop for Medicare.”

How Healthpilot is adding value to the Medicare enrollment process — for free

One in four dollars of a retirees’ assets are spent on health care, which can be daunting to think about. Most advisors are not Medicare experts, and they don’t have to be – Healthpilot is that solution.

Seniors are more tech-savvy than ever and can benefit from Healthpilot’s easy-to-use technology. It’s straightforward, and the team has broken down a complex world into easy-to-navigate bite-sized pieces. 

On top of that, Healthpilot is free for both advisors and clients. The prices on the Healthpilot plans are the same as anywhere else, with no catch — the insurance carrier compensates Healthpilot.

Bringing up Medicare Questions with Clients 

It may be hard to find opportunities to talk to your retiree clients about their health, but Shannon offers some advice: 

  • Check-in during the annual enrollment period: October 15th to December 7th
  • Check with clients that are aging into Medicare
    • Clients only have a six-month window to enroll in Medicare (the three months before and after their 65th birthday) 
  • Check-in with clients to see if their healthcare needs have changed or if they need to join a new network

Healthpilot as a Value Add for Clients 

As Healthpilot is being rolled out, clients and advisors are reaping the benefits of the technology and ease of use. One client recently said,  “It is extensive and very informative. It’s spelled out what I found with a lot less work. I would not hesitate to use this service going forward. It’s not something I would expect from my financial world but darn impressive. Thanks again!”

Shannon’s #1 Tip for Achieving Scale

“Financial advisors can let us be the Medicare expert, and that’s how they can handle this at scale,” says Shannon. Send your clients to Healthpilot and feel confident knowing they will take care of them and get them into a plan that’s well-fitted for their needs. Advisors don’t need to have hours-long sales conversations; Healthpilot is something of value you can bring to your client without having to do too much legwork. 

To learn more about Healthpilot and to subscribe to their monthly market trend report, visit 


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