How We Help RIAs Focus on Scaling Their Business and Spending Time With Clients

Independent financial advisors are in an ongoing struggle: Independence gives them huge advantages in terms of client relationships and personalized service. On the other hand, independence also means being responsible for the functions that don’t drive revenue. What’s an RIA to do?

LibertyFi specializes in neutralizing that struggle by working with RIAs and exploring options that aim to make independence work for them. Utilizing our outsourced middle office model, we streamline your technology operations so you can focus on what matters most – serving your clients, scaling your practice, and growing organically. We offer evaluation and turnkey access to wealth management technology, and the ongoing support and consulting meet your business goals.

“My firm, Carnegie Wealth Management, is lucky to be a LibertyFi firm. As a fiduciary, you have an obligation to act in your clients’ best interest. Trust me when I tell you that calling LibertyFi is in your client’s best interest. It certainly has been in ours.”

– Scott Sheffer, CEO, Carnegie Wealth Management

According to DeVoe & Company, RIAs, on average, are seeing a 4% organic growth rate versus LibertyFi clients, who saw an average 18% organic growth range in 2022.  

Like you, we have spent our careers building and managing client relationships. Our team features hands-on practitioners experienced with advisory technology, program administration, and middle office consulting. Additionally, we’re committed to helping RIAs reduce administration by pairing them with the right solutions for investment management, financial planning, compliance, and data integration.

We have a tried-and-true process for getting started with new RIA clients, and we work closely with each one, building a personalized, tailored solution to help them grow and thrive.

Our Process

  1. Get to know your firm. LibertyFi will get to know your firm, its mission and values, and the key players.
  2. Evaluate what you need to be taken off your plate. By outsourcing middle-office functions, you’re taking the non-revenue driving tasks off your plate and having the experts handle them for you. We’ll help you evaluate your capabilities and consider what makes the most sense for your firm.
  3. Pick the right technology. Great tech shouldn’t make your job harder but actually make it more efficient and robust. At LibertyFi, we specialize in helping firms access technology that allows them to elevate the service they can provide to their customers, and we are experts in the platforms available to you.
  4. Get it up and running. With the right mix of technology and outsourced office functions, we will help streamline the process, giving you more time to focus on your clients and relationship building.
  5. Continuous support. As tech providers continue to update and improve their solutions, LibertyFi keeps up with the changes. We continuously evaluate what’s available to ensure you have the best possible tech stack for your firm. We also help you troubleshoot tech issues should they arise.

We firmly believe that you can grow and scale your business by intelligently outsourcing the areas of your business that aren’t driving revenue. Financial advisors are most effective when they can focus on their clients, creating strong relationships and helping them meet their financial goals.

Sound good? Give LibertyFi a call today to learn more about our services and onboarding process.


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