12 Can’t Miss Sessions Free from Envestnet Summit On-Demand

Envestnet has announced the release of its 2020 Envestnet Advisor Summit On-Demand.

Unlike previous conferences, this year’s Summit is a free, on-demand resource that features over 50 engaging videos and digital content, including keynotes, sessions, and demos to help you lead your clients and firms into the future. 

Summit On-Demand will continue to grow as Envestnet adds new content, so be sure to check in regularly for new insights, tips, and best practices from executives, industry experts, and thought leaders. 

To help you navigate the content that’s currently available, we’ve curated a few items that we think can help you optimize business processes and streamline operations:

The Essential Value of Advice

Bill Crager, CEO

Major life events often raise the question, “What should I do?” Now more than ever, the essential value of advice for financial advisors and their clients is at its greatest. Hear Bill’s thoughts on ways you can position yourself as an essential advisor and trusted partner.

Watch the Essential Value of Advice keynote now

BlackRock Advisor Center Integration and Enhancements

Ross Znavor, Managing Director, BlackRock

Learn about new features on Advisor Center, including the ability to blend multiple model portfolios as well as the addition of new Market-Driven Scenarios™ to Scenario Tester.

Watch the BlackRock Advisor Center session now

Apprise Labs: The Ultimate Planning Experience

Edmond Walters, CEO, Apprise Labs

Learn how an interactive planning experience can empower advisors to have more meaningful conversations with their clients.

Watch the Apprise Labs session now

Envestnet Insurance Exchange: Unifying the Advisor Experience

Todd Cooper, Envestnet; Rich Romano, FIDx; Sean Meighan, Atria Wealth Solutions; Mary Brimer – PreCLU, ChFC, Ginger Green Financial

Learn how the Envestnet Insurance Exchange, powered by the Fiduciary Exchange (FIDx), has enabled advisors to integrate insurance products alongside investment solutions on a single, integrated platform. This session features a demonstration of the advisor’s journey on the Envestnet Platform using the Insurance Exchange.

Watch the Envestnet Insurance Exchange session now

Envestnet Credit Exchange: Empowering Advisors with Access to Lenders

Todd Cooper, Envestnet; Jesse Lewis, Advisor Credit Exchange; Scott Sheffer, Carnegie Wealth Management; Dan Rodriguez, Sensus Wealth Management Group

Learn how the Envestnet Credit Exchange, powered by the Advisor Credit Exchange (ACE), enables advisors to proactively advance advice-driven financing by providing them digital access to pre-qualified loans for clients.

Watch the Envestnet Credit Exchange session now

Introducing Envestnet Connect

Bill Crager, CEO; Edmond Walters, CEO, Apprise Labs

Learn about “Envestnet Connect,” an AI-driven application that integrates the client’s household financial data with relevant and personalized news content aligned with their values and financial journey progress.

Watch the Envestnet Connect session now

Envestnet | Enterprise Product Roadmap

Molly Weiss, Head of Product for Envestnet Wealth & Daniel Hamer, SVP Solutions & Engagement Management

Learn about the product road maps and integrations that will help your firm turn data into actionable intelligence and drive better financial outcomes for your clients.

Watch the Enterprise Product Roadmap session now

Envestnet | MoneyGuide: The Planning Brothers

Kevin Hughes, Chief Growth Officer, MoneyGuide & Matt Thompson, Head, MoneyGuide Training

Understand the vision and road map of innovative developments in MoneyGuide and MyBlocks. Learn about tax optimization, an ever-expanding MyBlocks ecosystem, and the API strategy.

Watch the MoneyGuide: The Planning Brothers session now

Envestnet | Solutions Overview

Jim Patrick, Group President, Envestnet | PMC & Kiley Miller, Associate Portfolio Manager 

Learn about the roadmap for innovation for Envestnet | Solutions offerings. This session features a detailed case study of how advisors can implement the solutions to assist clients.

Watch the Envestnet | Solutions Overview session now

Communicating Trust in an Accelerating Digital Age

Kimberly Beck, Envestnet; Kevin Mulhern, AdvisorStream; April Rudin, The Rudin Group; and Phil Buchanan, Cannon Financial 

Marketing and growing your practice can be a full-time job but can also fall low on the priority list. Learn how digital marketing, social media, and content marketing can help you find new clients and deepen client relationships.

Watch the Communicating Trust session now

What is the Strategist UMA Program?

Michael Featherman, CFA

Learn about the Envestnet Strategist UMA program, a suite of unified managed accounts for advisors working with HNW and UHNW clients. Easily integrated into an advisor’s business, this solution offers a diverse range of portfolios for various risk tolerances.

Watch the What is the Strategist UMA Program session now

A Tribute to Jud Bergman: Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. 

Jud Bergman was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Envestnet, Inc. He was a remarkable leader whose vision, brilliance and drive built the roadmap for our company’s success. In this tribute video, a few members of Envestnet’s leadership team reflect on what they remember most about Jud.

Watch the Tribute to Jud Bergman now

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