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Cut through the complexity of financial technology solutions

Fintech is a competitive market. There are hundreds of firms (see Michael Kitces’ Fintech Solutions Map) offering software that advisors can use for everything from financial planning and risk management to reporting and digital marketing. With so many choices, it’s not surprising that breakaway advisors feel overwhelmed by the complexity of selecting the best software to help them manage their RIA.

Secrets to Scale With Dan Jones

The latest Secrets to Scale features Dan Jones, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AIK2. AIK2, founded by WAGN and K2 Placements, was built by and for advisors to offer business insurance exclusively to wealth managers.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business

The most recent annual McKinsey Global Survey, “Seven lessons on how technology transformations can deliver value”, aimed to identify how investing in technology can make a difference in your business. This year, the survey was of particular importance since many companies have had to quickly shift to an all-digital platform.

Delivering Client Value with Wealth Operations

In its March 2021 report, “Future of wealth operations: An impetus for change,” Deloitte shares insights into wealth operations that advisors can use to create value for their firms. The report recognizes several trends that have implications for operations, including client demands for digital advice and transparency, increased regulation, and decreasing fees. Let’s examine what these trends mean for advisors and how LibertyFi can help position you for success in an evolving market.